Coaching Defined

“Coaching is an on-going intentional conversation that empowers a person or group to fully live out God’s calling.” –Keith E. Webb

Coaching is…

…about your God-given design, your goals, your learning, and your growth. Our coaching sessions will help you listen to the Holy Spirit voice as He speaks into these areas about you.

…about your learning – rather than someone else’s teaching. As your coach, I will assist your learning and discovery by using coaching techniques such as active listening, open questions, perspective and belief-system challenges and continual encouragement.

…about your action. Each session you will determine 1-3 actions steps you are ready and determined to take before the next session.

Coaching is not…

It’s not therapy. Although many of the communication techniques are the same, like active listening, reflecting, use of questions, limited advice giving, etc., therapy focuses on the past to bring healing and unblock a person to move ahead. Coaching is future and action-oriented, for people who are basically clear of psychological and emotional issues.

It’s not mentoring. Mentors are experts in a particular field who seek to pass on their expertise to a person. Mentors provide knowledge, advice, guidance, correction, and encouragement to people who are newer and junior—by experience if not by position or age. They may use some coaching techniques, but mentors usually play the roles of advisor and teacher to guide and impart knowledge and wisdom.

It’s not training. In training, the trainer sets the agenda. Change comes from outside the participant, via the trainer. In coaching, you set the agenda. Coaches use adult learning principles of self-discovery to motivate change from within you.

It’s not authoritarian. Did you have a tough sports coach who used to yell at you and make you do a million push-ups if you made a mistake? That’s not coaching. Your coach will push you beyond what you might think you can do, but will always be supportive. You are in control. The responsibility to decide and act is yours.

Keith Webb, founder of Creative Results Management

Benefits of Coaching



…for the Holy Spirit and better recognize His voice.



…how to better balance your being with your doing.



 …action steps, tailor-made for you which inspire and resonate with how you are designed.



… godly perspective, accountability and forward movement in your unique design, calling and purpose.

Your Part in the Coaching Relationship 

Your willingness to be totally honest with yourself as you evaluate, reason, imagine, and decide during our coaching together

Your determination to implement the action steps you create during our coaching conversations