Coaching Packages

I look forward to beginning our coaching sessions together!

This page gives a general idea of the four Coaching-Series Themes I offer.

Once you submit this form, I will email you the link to schedule your free 15-minute consult call.

This call will allow us to discuss the time-frame and budget of our coaching-relationship that would most benefit you.

Then after our call, I will send you a coaching-series proposal for you to consider and decide.

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Time & Financial Investments

All Coaching-Series packages have a starting price point of $145

with time-frames ranging from 3-6 months.

Individual/one-time 30-min or 60-min sessions are also available.

Choose from the following 4 different Coaching-Series Focuses:


  • Have you been feeling your life is being managed by circumstances or unhealthy expectations?
  • Are you needing to evaluate your present personal boundaries and establish healthy margin in your life?
  • Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed with all the responsibilities you have and long for personal organization and focus?
  • Do you constantly find yourself comparing, competing and critiquing others and never feeling “good enough?”
  • Have you been struggling with self-doubt, fear of failure or the fear of missing out?
  • Are you wanting to discover blind spots on furthered develop the gifts, talents and passions that you have?

If so, this coaching series is for you!


  • Are you sensing something is “out of sync” in your marriage and you feel stuck as to what it is or how to begin amends?
  • Are you struggling with how to resolve relational conflict and tension within your ministry, workplace and home?
  • Do you want to consistently empower and grow those under your leadership in ways that energize rather than drain you?
  • Are you wondering how to expand and multiply your volunteer base in both quantity and quality?
  • Do you long for better communication and deeper connection with your parent, child/team?
  • Do you desire fresh encounters in God’s Word, daily experiencing the “abundant life” God promises can be yours?

If so, this coaching series is for you!


  • Are you currently feeling frustrated and anxious over your current role, job, ministry and what results you are seeing?
  • Do you feel you have plateaued in your spiritual growth?
  • Have you been having a prolonged period of restlessness, self-doubt, distance from God and personal isolation?
  • Have you been struggling with the driving tension of being “on” versus unplugging?
  • Are you seeking clarity in the roles you have at work, church, school, and/or home?
  • Would you like to grow in confidence of your personal calling, giftedness and passions?

If so, this is the coaching series for you!

“Self-Care & Development” Submission Form
“Interpersonal Relationships” Submission Form
“Life/Ministry Transitions” Submission form


This package is a combination of coaching and mentoring as I come alongside you and help you get your bearings on the basics of coaching, according to the ICF standards and core competencies.

You will gain a solid foundation of: what coaching is/is not, what the ICF coaching credentialing process entails and how to align this coaching skill with your unique life-design and life-story to serve others through your coaching.

Whether you desire to start your own coaching business or you want to implement coaching into your existing job or ministry role, this “Professional-Track” of Mentor-Coaching is for you!

·       Three 60-minute calls
·       Five 30-minute calls
·       Professional guidance and support in setting up a “Coach-Plan” that best aligns with your own goals for obtaining professional coaching training, credentialing and coaching business/service
·       Strategic help in establishing a clear vision for your personal coaching services, future coaching clients and long-term coaching business/ministry
·       Ongoing email/text access to ask your questions at any time

TOTAL:  $365.00, but there’s more!

In addition, I will also include, at no further cost:
·       An invitation to take a basic rendition of the “DIRT” &/or “Myers Briggs” personality assessment(s) to discover how your personal results align to the coaching process as well as to those you coach

In summary, here is my proposal to you:
·      Mentor-Coaching Package
·      Be administered the basic rendition of the “DIRT” &/or “Meyers Briggs” assessment(s)

All for $365 

“Mentor-Coaching” Submission Form